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Companies are using Social Networks to boost sales and promote brand equity and loyalty.

Companies from all walks of life that sell and promote a variety of products are taking to Social Networks as a means to reach out to their consumers and fanbases in order to enhance brand equity and loyalty. It’s a brilliant strategy and idea because who wants to support a company that isn’t around or accessible in anyway shape or form? Who wants to support a company that doesn’t have a web presence or Twitter feed? If you’re running a company and you have an easily accessible web presence coupled with Twitter or Facebook you’re ahead of the curve and winning the game. Interacting with your fanbase can easily set you apart from everyone else because it both makes your brand friendly and humanizes the company.





Ning: Not so new and not quite so free anymore either
Among the numerous unheralded social media networks, those that live in the shadow of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, one that caught my eye was Ning. Ning was formerly a free service that allowed people to set up their own custom groups and then charge people for entry. Recently Ning has switched to a pay-for service but that hasn’t deterred the more than 2 million groups and 45 million users.

Ning is absolutely perfect for people looking to start or join groups about specialized, niche subjects. It’s very similar to the old school BBS from the halcyon days of the internet when everyone was using 14.4kbps modems. Ning also allows for complete group integration with all the leading networks such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

I find this to be a very interesting idea and it certainly would be perfect for an esoteric subject that may not have many forums or groups dedicated to it.

Measuring Success Through Site Statistics

Analytics and statistics are an easy peasy way of seeing both how effective your web site’s advertising is and how it performs in reference to search engines. It’s also a great way of seeing how much reach you have as you can view by gender, country, language, and duration of each visit. One of the leading tools in site statistics is Google Analytics, which works in synergy with the fact that Google is also the leading search engine.

Google Analytics measures virtually every facet of the web site. You can see unique visitors, how they found you, what content is the most popular, and if you’re running an e-commerce site it will also give you a breakdown of all revenue and transactions. Google Analytics’ specialty is the indepth and customizable parameters you can set to view and analyze your information. You can set any number of specific options to view data from certain periods, from certain users, from certain countries.  Google Analytics also makes it incredibly easy if you need to publish or present your findings by allowing you to export the data in multiple file formats.

This all might seem daunting or needlessly complicated. Most people have no idea how to apply the analytics or statistics and figure out what they mean. Simply put the analytics will tell you what works, what doesn’t work, and what you should never ever do again. It doesn’t just inform you what works regarding your webpage but with your whole strategy and branding. It provides you with an up to the minute, indepth, and detailed return on investment report, you’ll know exactly which ads are working and which ones are killing you.

In 2012 learning this is necessary if you’re going to run a business or try to make some money. Like social media, it doesn’t require that much effort and for the effort you put fourth in learning it, what you get in return is an absolute steal. Web analytics can single handedly transform your business from a barren wasteland to profitable, if you’re willing to let it. What other tool are you going to find that can do that, aside from magic beans or a genie? You can’t and I doubt you’ll be finding neither magic beans nor a genie. Put fourth a modicum of effort and reap the benefits and rewards of figuring out just what in the hell is going on with your web space.

What Makes Viral Marketing Tick?

The article goes in-depth on how important and necessary content is to viral marketing. The article calls content the “Holy Grail” of viral marketing. You have to have strong content that is creative, unique, and relevant. You might not succeed if you have all those boxes checked off but it’ll make your chances of success much higher.


Chrysler: Imported From Detroit

During the 2011 Super Bowl auto-manufacturer Chrysler launched their new campaign featuring Eminem in a way make the brand relevant and get younger eyes on the product. For a long time Chrysler was viewed as an old person car like Lincoln and they hoped to change that perception by using Eminem. The ad showcases the city of Detroit and plays up how Chrysler is an American brand. This ad was a huge risk for the company because at two minutes long it cost them $12 million just to air it. The “Imported From Detroit” campaign both brought Chrysler back to the forefront of automobiles, made it pop amongst younger drivers, and garnered over 22 million YouTube views.

Pinterest is the latest thing in social media. It involves finding things you like whether it’s images, recipes, etc and “pinning” it to your board for other users of the service to see. This sets Pinterest apart, being purely visual, and distinguishes itself from something like Twitter that is 99% text based. One of the service’s main strengths is the sense of community built from it’s users. People will pin and like other people’s items in addition to linking to and following other people.

Pinterest can be used as a social media tool, especially if you want to target the female demographic, because it will connect you to numerous other people and works as a web. You pin something of your own on Pinterest, another person likes it and pins it to theirs, then so on and so forth. Pinterest also allows for Facebook and Twitter integration allowing you to further engage with people. It’s a wonderful tool to get your name out to more people and it requires very little effort.


My name is Zachary Bunn, I’m 25 and currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising. I specialize in graphic design and copy writing. My design styles are comic book and also retro. In addition to my studies I’ve been doing freelance graphic design and advertising for a year and currently have 9 clients. In my free time I do digital paintings and graphic design. I’m a huge hockey and basketball fan, I especially enjoy European basketball and follow Euroleague through every medium I have available to me. I’m a supporter of the Florida Panthers, Miami Heat, Maccabi Tel-Aviv of Euroleague and Israeli league, and Panathinaikos of Euroleague and the Greek league. I love clothing, usually wear a suit and tie to class, and also in my spare time I do my own tailoring and alterations. On weekends I love to go to thrift stores and yardsales, I find the thrill of the hunt to me very enjoyable and rewarding, much more so than going to a mall and buying something at retail price.


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