Week 6 Blog Article -The Power of Connection: Using Social Networks to Build Customer Relationships

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For August 24th, please find a recent article on the topic below.

How Companies are Using Social Networks to Build Customer Relationships (Social CRM)

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In the article, “Example of Social CRM in Action, (http://www.itbusinessedge.com/cm/blogs/all/examples-of-social-crm-in-action/?cs=45719), the author discusses makes the point that Social CRM is  more than simply using social media to communicate with customers. Successful companies social CRM as a complement to traditional CRM.
As we’ve discussed in class, social networks provide a great opportunity to provide customer service, create online forums and speak directly with customers in a way that was impossible prior to Facebook. But, it can not replace traditional CRM tools like customer surveys, technology driven CRM products like Sugar and salesforce.
For example, Enterasys Networks, which began using Salesforce.com’s Chatter to both resolve customer service issues and support the sales process. In the first quarter following the Chatter implementation, Enterasys closed a record number of deals, perhaps because members of the sales team can monitor the status of deals and make suggestions to colleagues. Product support agents and project managers also use the tool to get real-time status updates and collaborate with coworkers.