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August 25, 2012

 Social Media and CRM-Going In a New Direction


“Good customers want to be courted, not cashed in, and courtship requires careful pacing and rhythm.” Powerful words from Steve McKee, author of Bloomberg Business Week’s June 8th article “How Social Media Is Changing CRM “, ( This is a great statement reflecting today’s attitude of many of us. I agree with his thoughts that companies can’t build trust on data. “The problem with traditional CRM is that it turns people into data and relationships into rules of engagement. But technology has no empathy, and a database will never be as responsive as a living, breathing person.” This very well could be the reason for the recent changes within the CRM industry.  With recent mergers and acquisitions the industry is going through the relationship element of social media has changed the CRM direction.


In “The Future of CRM According to Vendors” ( ) it talks to vendors of today’s issues of social CRM stratefies, measuring customer value and how to build build brand experience and trust.”In terms of the demand for social CRM–related features, the market is still emerging, the vendors noted. Although some of their customers are “at the leading edge of using social media,” many are still at the basic level, according to Augustin. “We have barely scratched the surface when it comes to enabling companies [with the ability to fuse social media with their CRM platforms],” he added.


After reviewing CRM Magazine,  I created an account and subscribed to their updates. I also added the site to my favorites along with and for quick reviews of industry trends.


August 15th, 2012



By Shelby Decker

I was going thru the checklist and I realized that I did not write my introduction blog.  I decided to participate in this class to learn more about digital campaigns in terms of successful planning and execution. As some of you may know that I have a vast background of business.  I mostly use Facebook as a communication tool to my friends.  I do not blog but feel that my comments on Facebook are my blogs.  With the recent writings for class I have also been posting them on my FB page.  I have gotten many responses wanting to know more information about my blog.  This week I took the leap and set up a WordPress account.  I have several ideas and will be moving forward with it.  I look to gain more knowledge and comfort in blogging, techniques of a successful digital campaign, current industry trends and tracking results of social media.  I am sure that I am going to learn greatly from YOU!

August 13,2012


By Shelby Decker

How many of you gotten invitations from friends with Klout requests? What is Klout? Why is it important? As you may have read my previous blog, Virgin Airlines has partnered with this company to assist in their most current campaign.  If Virgin Atlantic is who else and why is it not heard of?  According to Wikipedia, “Klout…provides social media analytics to measure a user’s influence across his or her social network. The analysis is done on data taken from sites such as Twitter and Facebook and measures the size of a person’s network, the content created, and how other people. “  That is interesting. I understand that Virgin is targeting major influencers with the help for Klout for their campaign-more select marketing.

According to Klout’s website:

  • Scored 100 Million + People
  • Analyzed 2.7 Billion Content and Connections Daily
  • They have 6000+ Partners and Developers
  • 30 Billion Monthly API calls

After reading some more articles I began to understand that Klout measures one social media and wants to be like Neilson is to TV ratings.  Your “rating” is similar also to a credit score or a loyalty customer program.  The higher your score will get one more offers and more attractive offers from companies. This is a great tool for the consumer to be come an influencer. For a company-especially one in advertising and marketing, it is critical because it shows your presence in the digital market. In the future organizations may request one’s Clout score and make it apart of the decision process of selection.

According to a May 2011 article,, it states community intelligence, customer upgrades, event invites, and product preview, customer service processing, email insights and blogger outreach and topic influencers are the reasons.

First, one needs to signup with their Twitter or Facebook account. They score with your Twitter, Facebook and Google + accounts. Sorry friends, but several requests were sent to you while I was doing this process. It gives you a score and some opportunities to learn to become a greater influencer with several programs.

Unfortunately, I have read more articles written reasons why one should not use Klout. As always, you need to make the right choice for yourself.  As for myself, I plan to use digital media and social media as a method of communication. For I have started the lessons for learning more about Klout and another level of social media. I am following the lead of industry trailblazers on this one!

August 3,2012


Ask someone in business-do you have a social media plan?  You will be surprised that most will say “Yes, I am on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter”.  That is great but many do not have an actual plan for social media.  The author will occasionally or daily post but without any particular direction.  They comment and write what is on their mind at the moment. Social media needs to be a strategic part of the marketing plan.  It is about getting result The number of views, likes are nice but the ROI is the best result.  Here are some guidelines:

  • Choose the best social community to your your target market
  • How is social media going to be used for your company:
  • Build awareness
  • Strengthen relationships with clients, prospects, and influencers
  • Have a realistic timelime and steps
    •  Define goals, objectives, and strategy
    •  Setting up accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube
    •  Finding your existing community of clients, prospects, and influencers on the main social media sites listed above, on niche social media sites, and on established industry blogger sites
    •  Set up blog
    •  The sequence of  social media sites you will concentrate your efforts
    •  Develop a following
    •  Create content, such as a blog (which is ongoing), videos, white papers, podcasts, and more
    •  Dates progress reports
  • Gain client feedback
  • Improve customer service
  • Introduce new product ideas
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Drive traffic to events
  • Generate leads and sales
  • Set Realistic Expectations
  • Have Resources and Gain Resources
  • Have a Call of Action (just like other marketing pieces)

It is important to have a plan directed towards your market, realistic goals and measuring the results.

July 27th,2012

For this assignment I started to research the “successful virtual campaigns”.  I went to a couple of sites but the one that intrigued me was Inc Magazine’s list.  There was this one regarding Virgin Airlines division in Australia.  I liked this information because there was a return-on-investment value verses the normal statistic of followers the campaign created. Here it is from Inc:

Virgin’s Tweets

Virgin Blue—the holding company that owns and operates Virgin Australia—thought up a clever Twitter promotion in 2009 that quickly went viral. The Australian airline’s “Tweet Seats” sold domestic tickets through its Twitter account for just nine bucks a pop, selling 1,000 tickets in just three minutes. The $9 promotion was to celebrate the company’s ninth birthday, and though the company took a loss on the promotion, it has since attracted more than 33,000 followers to its Twitter account.

The next step was for me to research Virgin Airlines. As I “dug further” I discovered that the above campaign was a major accomplishment in ecommerce campaigns and was considered as one of the pioneer social media campaign.  I continued to read article after article regarding Virgin Airlines and that they are very aggressive in using social media campaigns in all divisions (countries).  Recently, the American division has announced to use Klout for a promotion for flights from the United States to Canada.

Again, like Pinterest, Klout is another social media community that I have had little knowledge.  Some friends have sent “requests” for information thu Facebook for their Klout account. I have not responded to these requests since I was familiar with the site.  I strongly suggest you read This not only exposed me to Klout and the sites direction but it gave me a great indication that Virgin Airlines is a leader in social media arena.

I am going to start following Virgin Airlines to watch their campaigns.  I will give you an update with their activity and lessons!

Pinterest is a big social media site.  There has been many articles regarding it and I have not explored this community.  With this assignment it is giving me the necessary focus to learn this media.  Why do I need to be a part of this community? Why is this so different than the other communities? How big and why is it growing so fast? Why should one market on this site?

First I went to several sites to gain some history of Pinterest. I found out:

It began in March 2010 and by December 2011 it was in the Top 10 largest social networks. It had more traffic than other sites. About 83% of the users are women in US. In Britain 56% of the user are men.

Like other social communities one needs to 1) Request an Invite 2) Setup an Account 3) Find Friends to Follow.  Then you are able to start “scrapbooking” and “pinning” items that interest you to your board. It is like a virtual vision board that allows on to update hobbies, events and issues that pertain to them. One looks to other boards and can “grab and pin” a photo from the board…the person the photo is taken from is invited to become a follower.  Like other social media sites, this allows to connect to other people who have the same interests or know a mutual person.

Now, many articles indicate that branding on Pinterest is easier than other social communities like Facebook. Also, many of these other sites are learning Pinterests ecommerce techniques: 1) Have a brand personality and images that others can “pin” to their board – it is all about building relations 2) Have a call of action-have followers get the most “likes” for a prize 3) Have the board as a campaign. One can link Facebook and Twitter accounts to Pinterest.

According to a May 17th, 2012  article on

Value of Pinning

Will this strategy necessarily bring massive boost for established brands or highly competitive keywords? Probably not!

Will this help diversify your backlink profile? Yes.

Does Google like fresh content from social sharing? Yes.

Is this an easy way to inject some fresh content and new social citation for your site? Yes.

If you create creative and interesting images, and have some influence on Pinterest, could something go viral? Yes.

Should companies and sites invest in using Pinterest? Absolutely!

I now feel a little more comfortable regarding Pinterest and will start using my account!  How many of you consistently use this site?


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