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Companies and brands are always trying to find a way to make themselves known on a constant basis. Advertising, commercials, sponsors, etc., all help with bringing a company to the limelight. However, during recent years, brands and companies have started to take advantage of one of the most popular means of communication people use daily: Social Media.

Twitter is the equivalent of a highway, transferring info at a rapid pace. People re-posting and sharing links, videos, and such. Hashtags amounting to trends globally, in many countries at one time. So what better way to bring attention to your brand than by having your customers share with their friends? Word-of-mouth is the best way of advertising, and since Twitter has more than 200 million registered users, getting your message across to a wide group of people is quite easy. Twitter, as well as Facebook allows for this simple means of communication to become a phenomenon that can potentially increase your traffic, and possibly, your profit. On Facebook, likes and shares are the way of the master. Getting people to share your page is a great way to make a stamp in your field. Integrating your Twitter feeds with your Facebook page is also a great way to increase your target market, since not everyone is on Twitter and vice-versa. Uploading interesting videos to YouTube is also a great way to make your posts dynamic and also funny, charming, or dramatic… as long as you can get your point across. Traffic can increase, and with that, profit and recognition to your company or brand. Increase your brand loyalty with consistent feedback directed towards them and encouraging them to re-post, share and like your stuff!


Source: http://www.baselinemag.com/c/a/CRM/Social-Media-Helps-Build-Strong-Brands-661155/




On The Rise – August 16, 2012

Everyday, people all around the world are becoming friends with many, many people. However, these friendships happen in a virtual space throughout countless social networking sites. You know the popular ones. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, MySpace (MySpace?), Tagged, MeetMe, Ning and many others. I’m sure you don’t even know what those last ones are. Social networking has boomed over the last few years, evolving into a powerful tool of virtual communication. New sites pop up everyday. Among these sites is one that stands out, though not many have heard of it. UCreative.com is a social networking site that is directed to a small portion of the public. Designers and artists. Creative individuals that need a space to share their work, share and find ideas, make new friends that can influence their artistic careers, and most importantly, a place where they can post their work without a concern for privacy flukes or mishaps.

On UCreative, you have your standard social media profile, friends lists, photo galleries and such. But you also have a place to post a resume, a place to chat with other creative individuals, seek advice, give it, and increase your overall awareness. There is a monthly UCreative Spotlight where a member gets showcased and users can visit their profile and communicate. Quite handy to get the word out on your work!

At a mere 3,000 or so members, UCreative isn’t the largest of these sites, but it contains individuals who are there for a reason, and not just taking up cyberspace.



Also check out youthedesigner.com’s Top 5 Reasons to join UCreative.

  1. It’s free and easy to join!
  2. You get your own online design portfolio
  3. Great way to gain exposure and find new gigs and jobs
  4. Win a free 18×24 inch poster print after your first 10 approved submissions!
  5. Free giveaways, contests and much more!

Sources: http://www.youthedesigner.com/2011/07/07/ucreative-the-social-network-for-creative-professionals/ , http://www.youthedesigner.com/2008/07/21/5-reasons-why-you-should-join-ucreative-com/


ROI In Social Media – August 2, 2012

Higher profit, lower cost. That is pretty much the goal of every corporation, small business, self-employed professional. Some believe that social media ROI is legitimately going to take off to higher places very soon. The good folks at mediabistro.com have put together some information stating that, “64 percent believe that social marketing will eventually produce a legitimate return on investment, and just 6 percent are complete naysayers about the prospect”. However, they state that any return of investment from social media works in measuring impact, rather than monetary return. In other words, it drives activity to a brand, for example, by serving as a highway for users/customers to spread the word amongst themselves.

They were even nice enough to include a nifty infographic to show us some of the important facts:

ROI in Social Media

On the other hand, a different camp shares their opinion on ROI in social media saying that there is, in fact, no ROI in social media. In a bit of a peculiar interview, the CEO of copyblogger.com says that ROI is the wrong term being used to measure the success of social media marketing. He states that the procedures used in social media is more of Profit Margin than anything else. Among many things he said, one of the interesting points was when he said that, “Discipline is the secret ingredient of success. Disciplined organizations find what works and focus on improving it.”, quite a powerful tip for anyone looking to up their game.

Sources: http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/roi-social-media_b22744 , http://www.copyblogger.com/social-media-marketing-roi/


Going Viral – July 26, 2012

TheDrum.co.uk has posted an interesting article on successful viral marketing campaigns, examples including Quicksilver, The Dark Knight Rises, Smartwater, Burger King, and Old Spice. Explaining where the individual campaigns went right is what they are highlighting. Describing the method of how they attracted their target audience and their individual recipe for success.

Interesting to note in this article is the campaign that was done for The Dark Knight Rises. Having launched the site TheDarkKnightRises.com, users were given very little when going to the site. A blank screen greets the user, along with a muffled audio clip of indistinct chants. The site was shared across many social media outlets, such as Twitter, gaining traffic with every click. But why was this particular method of advertising so successful? Not every viral campaign has to be loads and loads of images, video clips and giveaways. Successful viral advertising consists of making users share the ads within themselves. From peer to peer. Digital word of mouth, as it seems. The ominous, dark, mysterious execution of the site was perfect for the motion picture itself. Not knowing what everything is is always part of a teaser campaign, but giving the audience just a little less than they’re used to was a brilliant move.

Source: http://www.thedrum.co.uk/news/2011/07/01/five-successful-viral-marketing-campaigns-dark-knight-rises-smartwater-burger-king

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises


Riding The Social Media Wave – July 19. 2012

Sometimes something new comes along that pushes the envelope just a bit more than anything before it. Yet, even with its sudden uprising, we can be a little hesitant to invest into this new “fad”. But sometimes this “fad” can be more than just empty promises and crowd psychology at its finest. At times, highly useful things can come out of new services. Social media is in a booming state at the moment, and harnessing its power for the good of one’s interest can lead to huge success. One such new service is the website Pinterest. A simple site that resembles a virtual pinboard where one can ‘pin’ images one finds interesting, for whatever reason, which is then displayed on the users board for their followers to see and admire, and eventually, pin and share as well.

So what’s the usefulness of this service? Well, the inclination for people to be very visual helps in the purpose of a site such as Pinterest, since the most important aspect of the site is to share those images you like. Just simple pictures that you come across while on the site itself or other sites. The mechanism resembles Twitter a bit, in that you have followers who will be updated on your new posts, or ‘pins’, and in turn, they will be in the know-how of what you want them to know. However, Pinterest‘s image sharing quality is what makes this site more unique. Share a picture, get ‘likes’, get ‘repins’, repeat. It’s word of mouth, but without the need of them. Not that you can’t use words, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

So what is the usefulness of Pinterest? Let’s take a look at some numbers compiled by marketingonpinterest.com, but acquired by various outlets:
(keep in mind this article is from April 2012, so the numbers have likely increased.)


  • has over 19 million users, and growing 50% per month, all by invitation only.
  • is slated to have at 180 million by November.
  • is the fastest growing website in the history of the internet.
  • it get more visits than YouTube, Twitter and Google+… combined.(!!!)
  • it is being used by retail giants like Nordstrom and Whole Foods,
    while other companies are taking advantage of its rapid growth, such as Liberty Jane Clothing.

So why should more companies use Pinterest? Did you listen to those numbers? The huge growth spurt and increasing interest in a website that is still relatively new shows how smart time and resource investments in social media outlets can help a business expand their reach to potential customers, all while allowing the customers themselves to be the advertisers. It’s also important to note that this site mobile friendly, so you can pin and share anytime you want.

Pinterest Mobile

Pinterest Mobile

Did I mention that Pinterest is ad-free? That’s right. No annoying ads anywhere on the page. Just glorious, unadulterated sharing of joy.

So maybe it’s time to give in to the “fad” of this Pinterest thing. It may prove more useful than we would have thought. So go on… share whatever picks your interest.

Source: http://marketingonpinterest.com/2012/04/23/the-case-for-using-pinterest-as-a-marketing-tool/


3 responses to “Hidekel P.’s Blog

  1. I love your usage of an infographic. It’s so much simpler to read an infographic than to see a wall of text that is dry and boring to sift through. Excellent idea.

    I also like how people’s thoughts on whether or not social media is an avenue to make money has shifted in recent years with 64% believing that it will yield profits.

    – Zachary Bunn

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