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I think that pinterest is an ingenious idea that generates a lot of soil traffic to their website. The free posting of pictures, recipes, creative ideas and posters has created a huge craze. People can access pinterest through their Facebook,online or on a phone app. The only mistake that they made was having an invite only policy. I think that they needed to allow everyone to have full access at all times. This free website allows anyone and everyone to post or advertise their product  on their site as of now, before this was different. This website is amazing because it targets a lot of different markets and audiences. Pinterest interests moms because they can look at recipes, men can look at the sports section and young girls can look at fashion trends and hairstyles. A lot of people post events on pinterest that they take part in. a lot of women are posting pictures of their own styles and their creative ideas. My friend changes her nail polish everyday and posts pictures on pinterest so that people can comment and copy her nail styles.



The best and most successful marketing viral ads are the ones that are interesting and easy to understand. if people can relate and find humor in an ad they will always remember it and refer to it. Good ads are not to long and not too short. These ads give a lot of information in a short amount of time. The title of the article needs to catch the attention of people so that they are interested in watching or reading the ad.  Not all ads are suppose to be funny. Some are suppose to send a message for example, obama has ads all the time that thousands of people read because they are involved in the presidential elections. The ads that are the most successful also have celebrities or people of power. They do this in ads to make people want to watch the ads and see what the certain celebrities are up to.



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