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Social Media and Customers relationship

A company’s main goal is to satisfy customers, but how is social media helping them reach this goal? Social media creates a bridge between the customer and the company, where the consumers feel like they have a direct contact with their preferred brands and can actually express their feelings to them, as friends! That is what they want! They want to create an emotional attachment, so customers feel companies are listening to them; they want to communicate with customers 24/7. Know what they want, how they feel, their every day routine, get to know the customers better, so they can satisfy them completely.

Companies also post articles, and news that may interest the customer, This way the brand is always socializing and, at the same time, they are driving the customers to think of the brands as a trusted resource. Creating a personal and direct relationship with their customers.

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Zurker – The Social Media site You Own 

Social media has proven its ability to create great revenue and be a solid business channel; you can see it on the rise of media sites as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. But is there any possibility that there could be a new member of this exclusive team? Zuker is the new revolution to the social media industry. Unlike any other social media site, Zurker allows you to own your data and also own a piece of the network. Yes! It is true, you will own a part of the company and will be able to make decisions, the site its driven by us and a full democracy is maintained.

So, how Is Zurker going to be able to know how much you own? Each time you refer someone to Zurker you receive a Vshare for the referral. It doesn’t cost you anything right now, and will not earn any money right now since the site is still new and in beta, but if Zurker grows large enough the Vshare will be converted into share and this way you can sell them too, This way you are profiting yourself. The earliest you join the greater profit you get.

These are some of its features:

Post an Update – An update can be news from you, an anecdote, a reminder, a call to action, or even a work of fiction—anything your contacts might be interested in.

Entities – Profiles for businesses, organizations, bands, groups, or causes. You can create an unlimited number of entities, which people can subscribe to.

Convos – Private messaging for Zurkers.

Photo – Post photos.

Find – Post links to “finds” on the internet and shows you the “finds” posted by friends. You can also include descriptions for your own finds.

Why should you join? Zurkers are excited people trying to connect with as many people as possible (remember Vshares) there are more than 8,000 contacts which means at least 8,000 potential customers for your company. People in Zurker are mostly network marketers.

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Social Media, Email Marketing and ROI

In order to have a successful Digital Media Campaign, you should combine Email marketing and social media. This can improve the campaign results and increase the amount of audience that is being reached.  According to an eConsultancy study of 1,400 U.S. consumers, 42% said they prefer to receive ads for sale and special offers via e-mail compared to 3% that said they preferred to be targeted on Social media network site and 1% preferred Twitter.

Despite the fact that people keep insisting that Social Media is effecting by its own, you should consider to include Email Marketing in you campaign as well.

Recent studies show that for every dollar you spend on email marketing there is a $40.56 return, on the other hand, social media returns $12 for each dollar spent. In terms of sales, the Direct Marketing Association said that email marketing generated $67 billion in 2011 vs  $32 billion for social media.  Think of email marketing as a mature channel that allows the consumer to know about your company and leads them to your website and social networking sites.  DMA National Client Email Report 2012 showed that 90% of the consumers rated email marketing as strategically important to their business. See below the chart that shows which marketing channel has the best ROI in a company.


Kobe & Nike, The Perfect Viral Combo

Kobe Bryant, who doesn’t know who this famous player is? This American professional is well known for playing for Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. So what happens when Bryant gets paid millions of dollars to promote a new line of shoes? Everyone goes crazy and of course people want to buy these shoes. This awesome idea of hiring this basketball idol came form Nike when they decided Bryant would be the perfect spokesperson for their new line Hyperdunk shoes.

What made this campaign so effective was the way they developed it.  To advertise this new collection they had Kobe wearing these shoes, jumping a bunch of crazy things, even a CAR!! They filmed these crazy stuffs and started posting the videos on the Internet.  Why did it go viral? Well imagine Kobe jumping a car, a pool of snakes. Also, the way they made the videos! They looked so natural, the videos seemed like they were being filmed by Kobe’s friends. They also included the audience by talking straight to the camera. It made the consumers feel like if they were there.


Garden with some tulips and narcissus


Since I have mention before, one of  the things I like is fashion. I will say every girl loves to know the latest trends and be always updated.

While surfing the web I found this article about GUESS which I think It was pretty clever. Using Pinterest, Guess was truing to engage customers to start blogging about their new spring collection. Fans were challenged to create boards with their 4 different colors offered on the spring collection and pin at least five different images. At the end four winners were chosen and won a pair of color-coated denim from its featuring collection.
I think this campaign was well elaborated since one of the benefits of Social media is to have direct communication with customers. what they did was get the consumers interested, start blogging about their new collection (word of mouth) and get the customers excited and anxious. They kept it simple, exciting and fun!

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9 responses to “Gina’s Blog

  1. GUESS picked a great way to engage with the public by using Pinterest. As many of the statistics show that %68 of it’s users are females.
    Therefore, by creating a contest, they were able to engage with it’s target market, while also gaining insight information about what their customers “liked” the most.

  2. I think your Kobe Video is cool. I think it would be cooler if that was in jumping over the car like that. It’s thought provoking and gets people talking about whats real and whats fake. regardless it gets you talking and watching it over and over.

  3. I had no idea about Zurker prior to this post. It’s a very interesting model how everyone owns a share, similar to the Green Bay Packers football club. This seems like a much better way of handling company shares than giving them to Bono or Sting. Although there is no reward for it right now, as the site grows your reward will as well.

  4. Very interesting article about Social media and e-mail marketing; I was surprised with the information you shared, I didn’t know e-mail marketing was still above social media when it came to sales, but I can see why now. The graphic you placed in your blog with all the charts was also very helpful.

  5. your right, i like when i can communicate with the company. social media is very important when you have a business, being able to contact a business makes you feel more comfortable buying. or using the service. Lilia Tonge

  6. It is so true that companies want to make their customers feel like they are on a “friend” level with them. It makes the customer want their product even more!

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