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9/7/12-Week 9








8/24/12-Week 6 Blog

Social Networking and Customer Service

Customer service is not what is used to be. It was that if you had a complete or opinion you could just call the company, write a note. Ect. But now with social networking and the rate that its gone in the past few years, its made it more easy to advertise ones business or “comment” about it. For example Facebook lets customers post comments about particular companies where the business then gather information and can use it for their data and research. Also, blogs and twitter can basically advertise and make or break a company just from customer opinions.

Article: http://www.allthingscrm.com/crm-basics/social-networking-and-customer-service-2.html

8/10/12-Week 4 blog


Microsoft launched a new social media called So.cl (pronounced “social”) in May of 2012.  It is a social media targeting students.  Its primary purpose is to help students find others with similar interests and needs and helps them work together, by combining networking and search.  So.cl is set up in a way that allows to students to share information by creating visual as well as text content.  They have already partnered with several Universities.

screenshot of So.cl homepage

This untapped social network has had very little media attention.  New social networks are dependent on awareness in order for them to grow.  It was quietly launched and will need time to be tested by students and individuals and to catch on.  Also with a number of already successful social networks available to students and the public in general, anything new is scrutinized more.  But So.cl may take off in the future because it is for a specific group, which will draw its initial users, especially because it is also driven by areas of specific interest, which will also attract users.  Adding to So.cl’s  chances of becoming successful is its familiar format; it is a kind of combination of two already successful networks; Facebook and Pinterest, encouraging the sharing of information not only thru language but also by making montages of visual boards as well.


So.cl: http://www.so.cl/

8/3/12-Week 3 blog

 23-Eye Opening Mobile Marketing Stats You Should Know


Appropriately titled this eye opening article educates and informs the reader of 23 mobile marketing stats. It bring awareness to mobile marketing, the strategies that can be developed for this means of media and its growing use. The use of mobile marketing is just being realized as an affective means of marketing that is growing and here to stay.

The author breaks the stats down into 6 notable categories.  The first category is State of the mobile union and its stats are: 1.08 or the worlds 4 billion phones are smartphones, and 3.05 billion are SMS enabled, mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage by the year 2014, and Apple and Android represent more than 75% of the smartphones on the market.  The next category is Mobile Optimization and the stats include: are 74% users of smartphones will wait 5 seconds for a web page and to load before abandoning the site, 46% of consumers will probably not revisit a site that didn’t work for them the last time they visited and 71% of mobile browsers expect mobile sites to open as quickly or faster than their computers.  Mobile Search follows and states that 7.96% of all web traffic in the US is mobile web, and that number is not only growing in the US but in Asia and Africa as well.  Most impressive is that one half of all local searches are done on mobile devices and that mentioning a location in a mobile ad can increase click to rates up to 200%.  So when strategizing mobile advertisement one should think local.

Next is Mobile Commerce, and these low stats show how mobile advertising and marketing have been over looked the past but are beginning to gain momentum.  Only 19% of US retailers have M-Commerce apps, even through shopping on tablets is as high as 12% of tablet owners use it to shop daily(!), and 20% shop one a week, and 12% shop monthly.  Mobile tag scanning for coupons has increase to 29% , 1 in 5 smartphone owners use scan product barcodes for price comparison and 39% of individuals who do not purchase are influenced by their smartphone.  Mobile Social Media stats as stated her is interesting.  According to the author 91% of mobile internet is used socially as opposed to just 76% on desk tops.  1/3 of Facebook users and 50% of Twitters are using mobile devices.  The final area discussed is Mobile Email Marketing.  These stats indicate the importance of including email advertising and marketing in you plans.  25 minutes of each hour is spent on emails for all mobile device users, the use of mobile email opened has been on a steady increase, while PC and webmail decreased.  Ipad users for their email has increase 73% since being introduce, and finally email readers on their smartphones is highest on Saturdays and lowest on Mondays.

As part of the smart phone generation I never really thought about the impact our phone has in our daily routine, but having read this article the use of it in marketing is astonishing.  The advantages and thus return for investing in mobile marketing and advertising is evident in these statistics. This article was an informative and useful article that cited 23 applicable mobile marketing stats as well as the importance of including mobile marketing in your marketing plans and budget.

Slogans/Social Media 8/3/12

A good slogan has to be relevant, fresh, and pertinent to the product.Some slogans and products are ignored because they are boring, trite, or not relevant to the persons lifestyle or needs. A lot of ideas that end up going viral and spreading like wildfire happen because the availability of the internet and because they strike a chord with a large audience. Usually what gets talked about the most is something that is part of an effective advertising campaign or has a catchy slogan.  Digital and viral marketers target the younger, hip generation to get word of mouth which is different from the traditional model which would be print or television advertising.

Marketers and advertisers favor social media because they can easily spread the word over a large audience and the social media audience tends to be younger and prosperous.Some of the metrics marketers are using include the number of people on the social website, the age of the people on the social website, and the amount of time spent on a website.

Digital Media Blog 7/27/12

Everyone has seen and heard of the Evian Rollerbabies campaign but what did it take to make this go so viral? Ironically, not so much with only minimal paid promotion on Youtube’s home page Evian; a cheap tap water brand is now 3 times more expensive than any other brand water and all because of dancing babies. The whole focus was to bring attention to this already established brand with a not so impressive front.  Viral marketing is really an impressive thing; after only 10 months after releasing the video it had 102 million views. I personally think this video would be nothing without the help of social media and Facebook and Youtube.

The article I found was written by the Harvard Business Review entitled “ The New Science of Viral Ads. This article explains a system that was used ; eye- tracking scanners to see viewers facial expressions when they are watching videos. They examined to see why people got bored watching.

For further detail about this article check out the link below:


Pinterest Blog 7/20/12

The article summarizes the new social media Pinterest and highlights the advantages and uses of this social network for businesses and as a marketing strategy.  It provides an explanation of the benefits derived from using this up and coming social site. Pinterest is categorized as a social network but has many advantages for growing a business. The article gives suggestions of how to best use the site and develop a board of interest. Pinterest is a fast growing social network that is receiving a lot of attention and should not go unnoticed as a wise marketing move.

As a user of Pinterest I understand and can tell you how obsessive this website can be.  It is an imaging playground where it is easy to get caught up in dreams, aspirations and interests.  It is an obvious visual marketing tool, and if set up properly can be an inexpensive yet effective way to help promote any business or service.

Website for article: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/222740

Check out my Pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/emilylil3/



4 responses to “Emily’s Blog

  1. Loved this post. When I was looking for an article about Pinterest, most of them talked about how great it is, and how it benefits your company. However, some people should be a ware that their company might not necessarily benefit from this new Social Media.
    This quote explains why:
    “The site does have some drawbacks for businesses. If your product or service isn’t particularly visual, your images may not tie directly back to your brand. Pinterest also doesn’t offer business-oriented features, and its search function prioritizes pin and board subjects ahead of “people,” the category that brands would fall into.”

    However, the best way to determine if Pinterest could attract buyers is simply to give it a shot. Set up an account and start pinning things that are relevant to your business but not too promotional.

  2. The baby commercial is really cool because those babies were almost as good as me on skates at that age. You brought me back. I think it kind of has a nostalgic feel to it. It got people interested in the brand and the company rode that wave ( fun pun). Who doesn’t love babies?! So they definitely won with that. playing at the heart strings.

  3. 23-Eye Opening Mobile Marketing Stats

    “Mobile Optimization and the stats include: are 74% users of smartphones will wait 5 seconds for a web page and to load before abandoning the site, 46% of consumers will probably not revisit a site that didn’t work for them the last time they visited and 71% of mobile browsers expect mobile sites to open as quickly or faster than their computers. ”

    As a web designer, i found this article to be very interesting, as it’s true that most of us use our phones as “computers.” Many companies take for granted, the fact that they should take the time to improve the user’s mobile web experience.

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