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Week 3 Preview: Jets @ Dolphins

Tight end Anthony Fasano (80) of the Miami Dol...

Week 3 provides an excellent match-up between our blood rivals the NY Jets, one that can always go either way. The Jets “Ground & Pound) offense is lead by 3rd year back Shonne Green and his new offensive cordinator, you guessed it, Tony Sporano, former head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Expect a hard nose fight in the trenches leaving the game once again in the hands of our defensive line. Miami needs a clean game to win this one but more importantly, they need to establish teh run early and often. I can sit here and give you the cliche of “run to pass” or “pass to run”, what I will say is this; The Jets boast an awesome secondary led by Pro Bowler D.Revis and former Dolphin Yerimiah Bell, if we get dwon early, passing on this team will be challenging but still not impossible.

Reggie Bush is 2nd in the NFL for rushing at 240 yards and hope to continue this tempo going into week 3. Rookie Ryan Tannehill played very well agaisnt a shotty Raiders secondary and will need to continue to develop to overcome Rex Ryan and his exotic blitz packages. TE Anthony Fasano is our key player of the match-up, if he can find success, SS Yerimiah Bell will be forced to cover him man to man, all the while vacating the deep third to open it up for the big play.

Our prediction Miami 24 NYJ 20


Week 2 Preview: What to expect between Oakland – Miami

Miami Dolphins logo

Miami Dolphins logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last 3 meetings between the Raiders and the Dolphins have gone to the Dolphins, all by considerable margins. I was there for the Dolphins Raiders game last season and boy let me tell you the score 34-14 did not come close to showing the blowout that it truly was. The 14 points didn’t come for the Raiders until only minutes remained in the game and Miami had already put in their second string.  If history tells us anything here its that somehow the Dolphins seem to out gun and out match the Raiders in game-play.

Reggie Bush showed the world he could be and everydown back last year as he completed his first 1000 + yard season in his career, leaving his doubters in the dust. If Jake Long and the rest of the offensive line can win the battle in the trenches, Reggie is poised to have a big, big day. Oakland defenders were thrilled to have contained ex-Dolphin Ronnie Brown to only 5 yards, lets see how they can do against Bush, my moneys on Bush.

Raiders runningback Darren McFadden is as explosive as he is big. If DMC gets going then the Dolphins Defense is sure to have themselves a long, long day.

The game will be decided in the trenches, Both teams have great defensive lines but the edge goes to Miami’s Offensive line anchored by Pro Bowler Jake Long and newcommer Rookie Johnathan Martin (Miami’s 2nd Round Pick in 2012)

Our Prediction, Final Score Dolphins 28 Raiders 13


Should the Dolphins be pursuing Greg Jennings as their number 1 receiver?

Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings (Photo credit: elviskennedy)

Greg Jennings is in his last year of his contract and could be looking for a new team in 2013. Currently injured, Jennings performance this season, as most NFL players in the last year of their contract, will be the determining factor on the likely-hood of a new contract or the ever popular franchise tag to extend his time with the Packers. Teams only get 3 franchise tags per year and though Jennings still has pleny in the tank, he just doesnt list top 3 of players needing to be franchise tagged, nor worthy of what he expects from the packers in a new contract.

Thankfully for the Dolphins, this could work out to their advantage. At the end of the season when its time to negotiate a new contract, I can assure you more than just Greg Jennings and the Packers will be watching in and influencing the deal. Miami could offer more money to Jennings, which is sure to be the formula for success for a player of this caliber and status. With 1 Superbowl under his belt, Jennings will look for a new deal with a new team, lets just hope for the Dolphins sake he wants to take his talents to South Beach.


How fixable are Ryan Tannehill‘s interceptions?

Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill

Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill (Photo credit: imgacademy)

What experts say Ryan Tannehill has to do to fix his 3 interception performance

For those individuals that missed the game last sunday against the Houston Texans, you probably scoffed at the final score chalking it up to another Dolphins disaster. Ryan Tannehill (first quarterback taken in the 1st round by the Dolphins since Dan Marino) played solid leading up to roughly 2 minutes remaining in the 1st half. What was a 3-3 game soon turned into a 24-3 blow out thanks to back-to-back tipped interceptions from rookie Ryan Tannehill.

As scary as the stat line was, Ryan Tannehill still had a solid game minus those interceptions late in the first half. Former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer had this to say about Ryan Tannehill’s interceptions “I don’t think it’s correctable on Tannehill’s side,” Dilfer said Wednesday. “I don’t want this kid to start getting killed that he’s staring down receivers or his release is too low.”

“Typically, what allows you to not get balls knocked down is a quick release, or the shortest arc on the ball. And he has one of the quickest releases there is, so it doesn’t really make sense.”

Heres a video showing just how fast his release is, Giving us hope in an otherwise ugly showing. Final score Houston 30- Miami 10

As you can see, when given time and opportunity, Tannehill can deliver as promised, Coach Mike Sherman needs to focus on getting Tannehill in the proper throwing lanes to avoid being constantly deflected (5 times to be exact). The good new is, Ryan Tannehill is legit, he just needs some time to adjust to the speed of the NFL as well as a little help from his supporting cast Devone Bess and Legedu Naanee.


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