IMPORTANT – No Invidual Blog Article Due 8/17

This is a free week. Why? The Dream Team, led by LeBron James and coached by Duke‘s own Coach K won gold. Plus, yours truly wanted to give you time to focus on your team blog for your final digital media campaign.

Please reply to this with the link to your team blog.

Your 1st team blog should be completed by end of class on 8/17 and the 2nd is due before class on 8/24.


4 responses to “IMPORTANT – No Invidual Blog Article Due 8/17

  1. Team Legion Photo PLEASE JOIN US!!!
    Website –
    Blog –
    Twitter –
    Facebook –
    Pinterest –
    LinkedIn –
    Medium – (coming soon)

    Aaron Ansarov and Diana Buitrago

  2. G.E.M Agency

    As the darkness of Halloween falls upon the city of Miami, those devoted to electrical dance music (EDM) will be lured to a ghostly world of music.

    Presented by WhaHippy Events, WhaHollow Music Fest is the first music event of its kind to be launched in South Florida’s ‘Tamiami Park’- Miami-Dade County Fair Grounds & Exposition, on October 27th, 2012.
    WhaHollow aims to elevate and revolutionize the typical music festival experience by merging with the most re-inventive night of the year, Halloween.

    Follow Us:
    Twitter: @WhaHolloFest
    Youtube: WhaHollowFest

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