Week 6 Blog Article -The Power of Connection: Using Social Networks to Build Customer Relationships

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For August 24th, please find a recent article on the topic below.

How Companies are Using Social Networks to Build Customer Relationships (Social CRM)

Post a link to your article for in-class discussion with a brief summary of the content of the article.
Remember to review and comment on the articles of two other students  and complete your team blog post!
Below is an example to help you ūüôā
In the article, “Example of Social CRM in Action, (http://www.itbusinessedge.com/cm/blogs/all/examples-of-social-crm-in-action/?cs=45719), the author discusses makes the point that Social CRM is¬† more than simply using social media to communicate with customers. Successful companies social CRM as a complement to traditional CRM.
As we’ve discussed in class, social networks provide a great opportunity to provide customer service, create online forums and speak directly with customers in a way that was impossible prior to Facebook. But, it can not replace traditional CRM tools like customer surveys, technology driven CRM products like Sugar and salesforce.
For example, Enterasys Networks, which began using Salesforce.com’s Chatter to both resolve customer service issues and support the sales process. In the first quarter following the Chatter implementation, Enterasys closed a record number of deals, perhaps because members of the sales team can monitor the status of deals and make suggestions to colleagues. Product support agents and project managers also use the tool to get real-time status updates and collaborate with coworkers.

IMPORTANT – No Invidual Blog Article Due 8/17

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Week 4 Article – Untapped or relatively New Social Media sites: where’s the next Facebook?

Week¬†4 Article Topic¬†– Untapped or relatively New Social Media sites: where’s the next Facebook?

Social media sites are cropping up in every conceivable arena.¬† The digital world is constantly evolving. What’s in to day may be out tomorrow. Remember when MySpace ruled?

Pinterest, Digg, Google+ remain relatively untapped, show promise and are touted as the next “big thing”. Then, there’s that myyearbook merger with meet up. Another supposed rocketship ready for take-off.

This week, you need to find a recent article on the topic of¬† “Untapped or relatively New Social Media sites” that you¬† believe is an “untapped” resource. Some site that exists but might not be as mainstream as Pinterest and Facebook…YET.¬† For example, Digg going version Pinterest or¬† Habbo for kids. Or, you could uncover one that’s just surfacing like my example below of “youflik.cu.cc

Post a link to your article for in-class discussion week 5; with a brief summary of the content of the article.  Below are other requirements:

  • Discuss why you think it is an untapped resource and why it might take off in the future.
  • It MUST be at least 150 words.
  • It MUST have at least 5 keyword links (those pesky “blue, underlined words). Luckily, wordpress recommends some for you.
  • It must be dated and separated from your prior posts
  • Remember to Review and comment on the articles of two other students by the beginning of class week 5

 15-year-old creates new social networking site?

Will  youflik.cu.cc be the next Facebook?

15 year old Prithvi Raj S Amin, a 10th grade student at St. Aloysius High School, Mangalore launched his social networking website ‘youflik.cu.cc’ on¬†July 4th¬†through shared hosting and in 24-hours clocked 300 members.¬† The seriver crashed at 700 members.
Mark Zuckerberg was 20 when FB was created. SO, Amin is a good five years from the age at which Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, which is the biggest social media website in the world presently.
The site, now under construction as youflik.com, has faced setbacks.¬†¬†Much like Zuckerberg’s first attempts at a harvard University netowrking site, ¬†Amin’s server crashed on the 1st day — unable to handle 700 members. According to Amin, he has “purchased¬† better server space which can support close to 50,000 members.” He continued, “The site has small glitches and I am rectifying it on a day-to-day basis. This is a learning experience for me.”
Youflik hopes to set itself apart from other social networking sites by enabling video, voice chat and instant messaging. Chat can occur by scribbling text using a mouse. Youflik alos¬†has a blog section, plus an¬†interactive forum and polls section. Youflik TV provides a variety of channels to watch and the Youflik pages help the users to promote their brand, product, company, organization, group or community, local business and to create fan pages. Amin reports that¬† “security and privacy of the users will be of utmost priority” and “advertising rates will be reasonable”.
Youflik provides members with various useful widgets on site. Specifically,

  • Recent viewers (Who viewed your profile recently)
  • Online friends (displays your online friends)
  • Recent Pages (recently created pages on Youflik)
  • Friend’s Trail (displays your friends activities)
  • Recent events
  • Upcoming events
  • Shoutbox (Acts like an lobby chatroom)
  • Connect with friends (Friend Find)

YouFlik has received press and shows promise. Why? It integrates video, chat, blog and other elements to enrich the member experience.¬† YouFlik TV brings youtube into YouFlik. New utlilities, crahsed servers, technology created by today’s youth to be spread by today’s youth, who knows..we just might see the next facebook. FIRST, Youflik has to get up and running again. Ah, the dreams of youth ūüôā

reminder – you article post on social media roi is due by 1:00 pm friday, august 3rd



this week’s post topic is social media roi and pros/cons. you need to find an article which serves as a source for your discussion on revenues, costs and pros/cons of the various forms of digital media. you can refer to last week’s lecture notes as well as my blog post titled week 3 article.


you will need 200 words or more to cover social media roi and measurement.

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