Week 2 – Digital Media for Viral Marketing – What makes a good viral ad campaign?

Jennifer Aniston at the He's Just Not That Int...Week 2 Article – Harnessing the Power of Digital Media for Viral Marketing – Viral Advertising Campaigns


Find an article on the topic of Digital Media and Viral Ad Campaigns. Write a post for your blog page which summarizes the article in 60 words or less. Include a link to the article in your post.   NEXT, identify and discuss a brand / company which used digital media to create an innovative, engaging viral ad campaign.  You have 120 words to cover what made the campaign successful, how you evaluated it and what digital media elements did they use – hopefully more than a YouTube video! Your discussion should include the brand’s original Challenge, Approach, and Result.
The entire post should be 180 words and should be a cohesive blog designed to be insightful, provative and interesting enough to get responses and likes from the blogosphere beyond AI.  Your blog must be posted on your page before the start of class 3!  Remember to comment on two of your classmates posts too!
Great Viral Campaigns
Shout out to ProspectMX for a great summary and examples of 15 great viral ad campaigns. According to the post at http://www.prospectmx.com/15-of-the-best-viral-marketing-campaigns/ , “a  viral campaign is a marketing blitz that essentially creates a pitch which is cool and interesting enough that consumers will spread it on its own.  Sometimes a campaign is designed to be viral. Sometimes it gets there on its own.  The whole phenomenon is either heartening in the sense that advertising has been forced to a new level of originality, or incredibly depressing as consumerism has finally cemented itself as having all the qualities of a virulent social disease”. My question is, why only Youtube videos? A viral marketing campaign would inlcude other elements like banner ads, facebook, twitter. Or would it? What are your thoughts?
While I agree with your definition, I definitely differ on the top 15 selection. for example, the Jennifer Aniston / Smartwater campaign outperformed the old spice ad.  I also would have preferred that you had chosen campaigns that were chosen as the top 10 in a given time period based on a respected trade/industry source like ad age.  The great thing about digital media is that it’s in it’s infancy. There are no hard and fast rules YET. So, on this, we can agree to disagree what constitutes the “best” or the “top.
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